Sponge Bot

by Joe Volpe
New York Hall of Sciencecollaboration of the bot group

spongebot mechanism

Regeneration exhibit Biomodd spongebot

BioModd: Sponge Bot: Irrigation System. 12/12
This project was created as part of Biomodd at the New York Hall of Science for the Regeneration Exhibit. The mechanism consists of a pump that waters a sponge that is driven by a remote controlled car through a track that goes above the plants. As the car moves through the structure, the sponge is squeezed and disperses the water to the plans below. It was created in collaboration with Lola Ye, Bernardo Schorr, Nate Rudolph, Matthew Willse, Joe Volpe and I with the support of Ben Garthus, Angelo Vermulen and Katherine Moriwaki.