Sensory Pathways for the Plastic Mind:

A series of experimental devices that expand sensory experiences through cross-modal computer interaction.

play-a-grill, echolocation headphones, spoon pop matrices

PDF Thesis Document 05/13

Keywords: Sensory Substitution, Brain Plasticity, Wearable Devices, Perception, Alternative Information Displays, Bone Conduction Hearing, Parametric Sound, Tactile Visual displays, HipHop, Gastronomy, Echolocation, Accessibility, Hardware, Physiology, Bionics.

These wearable extensions are alternative electronic data displays through sensory-mixing mechanics. This shift of information output tests the potential of further integrating computing applications with our wide physiological sensory array. This research explores perceptual interfaces that translate information through cross-modal sensory methods. In four case studies, this thesis appropriates common devices, transforming their sensory functionality:

1. Spoon/PopMatrix: tongue display for tactile sight in gastronomic experiences;
2. Echolocation Headphones: seeing space through parametric sound;
3. Play-a-Grill: bone conduction music player jewelry mouthpiece;
4. Scent Rhythm: olfactory mapping to the body's circadian cycle.
5.* IrukaTact: submersible haptic search glove *new

Adopting the core utility of common devices and expanding their physiological interface capacities, ignites alternative perceptive pathways for information. These experiments deliver novel experiences based on multi-sentient interactions that expand the palette of the senses.