Safety Glasses

safety glasses

safety glasses

tsafety glasses sketch safety glasses sketch

P-COMP: Pulse Sensor. 12/16/11
The concept of the Safety Glasses project is inspired by the Joo Janta 200 Super-Chromatic Peril Sensitive Sunglasses of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. These glasses turned completely black at the sight of any danger, to give a relaxed attitude when presented with an alarming situation. I made a pair of glasses that cover your eyes when you are scared or nervous. These would be specially useful at the movie theater, where some graphic scenes are excruciating enough for covering your eyes. The glasses would have the pulse sensor on an earring clipped to one of the lobes. When the sensor detects an exaltation in pulse servos on both sides of the glasses will close the curtains covering both eyes. The arduino board and two demo buttons are housed in a small plastic box that fits in your pocket. Collaboration with Shawn Lauriat


remote controlled car with electrodes

h-bridge circuit by Paolo di Prodi

Subject Testing at The Future is Now, Houston, TX

Presentation at NYU DemoDays

Interface: Remote Controlling People. 07/11/11
Galvanic Vestibular Stimulator Experiment was first exhibited at the Future is Now show at Skydive. In this experiment I am using the R/F transmitter/receiver of a remote control car to activate the switches of a GVS H-bridge circuit that changes the polarity of the current. Electrodes are put on the back of the subject's ears to activate the vestibular system in the inner ear that keeps a person's balance. By passing 1 milliamp with a current going towards one side the subject compensates for gravity moving towards the other. This piece was also exhibited at NYU DemoDays on 11/19/11. With the help of Paolo di Prodi and some amazing people at the Austin Hacker Space I created the GVS-x. It is a galvanic vestibular stimulator meshed with a remote control toy car.

Sponge Bot

by Joe Volpe
New York Hall of Sciencecollaboration of the bot group

spongebot mechanism

Regeneration exhibit Biomodd spongebot

BioModd: Sponge Bot: Irrigation System. 12/12
This project was created as part of Biomodd at the New York Hall of Science for the Regeneration Exhibit. The mechanism consists of a pump that waters a sponge that is driven by a remote controlled car through a track that goes above the plants. As the car moves through the structure, the sponge is squeezed and disperses the water to the plans below. It was created in collaboration with Lola Ye, Bernardo Schorr, Nate Rudolph, Matthew Willse, Joe Volpe and I with the support of Ben Garthus, Angelo Vermulen and Katherine Moriwaki.

Searching For the Right Channel


First Iteration

Final Iteration

P-COMP: LOL Shield IR library. 12/02/11
This is a clever way for optimizing the amount of animations a lol shield can exhibit, by making some of the led points switches.
This project was created using the LOL Shield by Jimmie Rodgers and the IR library by Ken Shirriff. The LOL library and the IR library do not work together because the ISR code in both is using the same timer. I tried combining both libraries and make one of the ISR a separate function and injected into the other, however; it failed, so I had to alter the example code of the LOL Shield without the library and the help of Shawn Lauriat. Using the mac remote, I was able to move a dot around the screen. Then if user finds the right dot an animation will appear, coded in with the help of Jimmie Rodgers’s excel sheet. The play button flashes all the LEDs at once and the menu button resets your dot position. Even though its aesthetic was like a cute TV or a Bomb, I changed it to match the Mac remote and painted it white. I also added 3 other animations, CNN, a porn channel, the previous Discovery, and an alien channel. I failed to find the alien channel myself falling as a victim of my own architecture!


Interface: Etch-A-Byte. 10/12
This device was created using the Arduino prototyping environment, potentiometers, a photoresistor and the Processing IDE. This tool interfaces with a sketching application written specifically to interface with the device. My first Arduino project !! An Etch-A-Sketch inspired drawing tool. One potentiometer is mapped on the y-axis and the other is the x-axis, and every time the photo resistor's light is blocked the screen erases the previous drawing.


Language Learning Tool 05/08/12
This application is an experimental language learning tool created with OpenFrameworks. It uses the ofxSpeech to recognize a limited amount of vocabulary. Using the WordReference API there words can be translated into different languages: Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, Romanian. This application uses another application for face tracking allowing the user to feel more connected to the flash-cards. When images appear on the screen based on the speech input the pixels of each image are drawn individually. The images also mapped to the location of the user's face respond to the movement and opening and closing of the mouth. The bigger the mouth is open, the closer the brightest pixels get to the front of the screen. It also seems to have its own comical relief. :D

InterIsland Communication

locations map

mani looking at the statue

me looking through a telescope


dialogue 1

dialogue 2

Process Video

Interface: Instruction Set for Strangers. 09/15/11
Inter-Island Communication Project explores non-digital ways of communication in our highly digitalized culture. Using two telescopes on either side of the East River, on Pier 17 and Brooklyn Bridge Park, we initiated a conversation between strangers on each island. The first message came from an Afghani woman on Pier 17 that stated “New York is Beautiful.” The rest of the conversation was based on that initial comment. The conversation lead to an unexpected multi-cultural dialogue. Inter-Island Communication Project allows for strangers that would otherwise not see or speak to each other to interact. Although similar in context of the Morse Code using light this project differs from our other precedence of the longest sentence by taking communication out of the high-tech context. This alternative means communication provided an inefficient, old strategy, that became again novel to the people of this century. The project emphasizes people’s notion of time and space.The advent of cell phones and the WWW make us forget the effort that it takes to send a message across a river with older ways of communication. We still relied on our cell phones for quick back and forth correspondence. As participants of the projects, we became impatient for an immediate response and relied on new technology. Our experiment revealed how dependent we are to modern ways of communication. Collaboration with Galina Rybatsky and Mani Nilchiani.


wiki mash screenshot

Link: WikiMash

Interface: Mashup. 09/11/11
This piece investigates the mashup of simultaneous Wiki pages opening within one page. This idea arose from the endless clicking and deviations that result while reading Wikipedia. This simulation is just a prototype of a larger idea of endless wiki mazes.