Scent Rhythm

ultrasound to vision

Interface: Scent Rhythm. 05/13
Scent Rhythm is timekeeping device that maps relational olfactory sequences to the body's circadian cycle. The sense of smell is a chemoreceptor, which means that these sensors can detect chemicals. The sense of time, chronoception, is not based on the function of a specific organ, but rather the result of the interaction of the cerebral cortex, cerebellum and basal ganglia. This device attempts to keep a chemical watch on the circadian rhythm, by administering fragrance+supplement concoctions associated with the daily activity of the moment to promote the production of certain neurotransmitters, such as chamomile+melatonin during sleep, espresso+caffeine during the awaken state.

Design Files Zip
Board layout/ arduino sketch

Parts Links:
+(4) USB Fragrance dispensers
+DS1307 Real Time Clock
+LiPo Charger
+NCP1402-5V Step-Up
+Arduino Pro mini 5v
+LiPo Battery
+Relays G6KU-2F-Y

scent watch

scent watch

Scent Watch

electronics layer

In this video you can see the user interaction to set a new scent cycle. If you look carefully the user is clicking the button and cycling through the top-left most atomizer, and clockwise to the second. 1 click is sleep, 2 is awaken, 3 is active, and 4 is rest. One 3 sec. click will reset the watch to the normal function mapped to ET time zone.
Scent- Circadian Rhythm Map