Spoon Pop Matrices

Blue and Red silicone electrode matrix pops

Blue silicone electrode matrix pops

Interface: Spoon & Pop Matrices. 12/11
The Spoon and Pop matrices are an electric visual experience through your tongue. These devices enable individuals to stimulate their visual senses via tongue display units using electrode vibrotactile stimulation based on visual cues from a processing training application sketch. Using non-invasive sensory substitution methods, Spoon & Pop matrices facilitate a new port for vision and a discreet addition to the palate of senses. This project is largely inspired and informed by the work of Dr. Paul Bach-Y-Rita on sensory substitution and prosthetics. His devices such as the BrainPort were non-invasive and expanded on the studies of the elasticity of the mind. Like Bach-Y-Rita says- "We see with our brains, not with our eyes."

Design Files Zip
Board layout/ arduino & processing sketches

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spoon with an electronic dots matrixthreaded wires through wood