My Birthday

Curated by:
Aisen Caro and Tyson Urich

Participating Artists:
Hagit Barkai
Alex Tu
Naz Fallah
Melanie Jamison
Emily Sloan
Krystal Gannon
Alfonso Hernandez
Joy Moore
Dan Zaccariello

This exhibit at my apartment was inspired by all birthdays in the month of February, I asked all artists to change their Facebook birthdays to the opening date of the show in 2010. This made our guests a bit confused; some of them brought gifts, and they were displayed as part of the exhibition. Artists were also asked to bring a cake, cupcakes, or pastries to be collaged together into a diabetic's nightmare. Luckily we also had beefcake.
Window Duster by Emily Sloan
Cake Collage Collaboration